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Customer Supporter - Denmark

Permanent Contract
SameSystem A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark

System Supporter

Make your impact and be part of shaping the future for SameSystem – a fast-growing Danish SaaS company  that  brings  value  to  its  customers  with  a  software  solution  that  optimises  retail  store operations through tools in scheduling, time registration as well as budget- and HR-tools.

SameSystem  consists  of  50  talented  individuals  situated  in five  countries.  We  have  a  motivating work  environment,  where  we  are  eager  to  help  each  other.  We  are  based  on  personal  freedom and own initiatives, while still encouraging teamwork.


Your role in the Company

In course of the last 10 years, SameSystem has grown from a startup, to a SaaS-provider for more than 500 clients.

We currently need talented employees for our support-department in Denmark.

Being a supporter in SameSystem is not like a typical supporter job. A significant trust is placed in you,  and  you  get  to  assist  all  our  clients:  From  the  owner  of  a  single  store,  to  the  influential administrator of hundreds of stores. Here you won’t simply receive the inquiry and escalate it to other  divisions  within  the  company,  instead  you  take  the  inquiry  all  the  way  –  it  will  be  your responsibility   to   lead   difficult   situations   to   viable   solutions,   coordinating   with   customers, developers, project managers as well as your support team.


Your responsibilities will be:

  • Support our Danish customers, occasional customer from other European countries
  • Conduct training sessions for new and existing customers
  • Creating user guides for ustomers when necessary
  • Varied ad hoc tasks

At  SameSystem  we  need  highly  motivated  employees,  who  understand  the  importance  of  fast, reliable  and  good  customer  service.  The  company  supply  essential  tools  for  its  customers  and handles  very  sensitive  information,  so  maintaining  a  professional  appearance  towards  our customers is paramount.

We  expect  you  to  take  responsibility  for  your  own  tasks  as  well  as  feeling  a  commitment  for  the company. Sometimes hectic situations will occur, and hard work and dedication will be required of you.  In  this  job  you  will  not  always  be  able  to  just  punch  out  and  have  somebody  else  take  over for you, but will at times have to take the leap for your own projects as well as for your colleagues if needed.


Mandatory qualifications:

  • You speak and write Danish to perfection
  • You have a flair for IT.
  • You are service minded in everything you do.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Knowledge of how the retail industry works.
  • Competent in other European languages.
  • Basic understanding of software solutions.


Information about SameSystem

SameSystem  is  a  Software  as  a  Service  business  competing  in  a  fast-evolving  and  competitive market. The SaaS business has seen many successful companies across several markets, such as Salesforce for CRM and Zen-desk for customer service. SameSystem is a Workforce Management solution for the retail industry, and with a best-in-class approach we have established ourselves as a market leader in Denmark. SameSystem is growing all over Europe, and this allowsus to recruit ambitious and well qualified colleagues.


Office and office hours

You  will  be  working  at  our  office  situated  in  Værløse,  Ballerupvej  62.  Great  office  facilities  in beautiful surroundings. Catering service with the possibility to eat at outdoor areas.

Your typical office hours will be from 8 till 16, Monday to Friday, working one day a week from 10 to 18


If you are interested or want to learn more about the job, please send us your CV and application to jobs@samesystem.com or contact Lucas Ritlov on 41 27 80 08.



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