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Last modified 4/17/2019 1:50:37 PM

Software Tool Development Engineer

Permanent Contract

AdaCore is looking for a software engineer for their System-to-Software Integrity (SSI) product offering.

With your experience and technical preparation, you will be able to make significant contributions to the development of our new SSI product. You are expected to have exceptional programming skills; to be able to take high-level multi-week objectives, decompose them into concrete achievable tasks, and complete them in a time-efficient manner; to be self-directed and pro-active within the development team; and to be prepared to participate with the rest of the team in the development of the strategic planning for the product.

You will be responsible for:

  • Designing and implementing conversions between various modelling and programming languages (e.g. SysML, Simulink, SPARK)

  • Developing metamodels supporting these conversions

  • Building demonstrators for the new and existing tooling using both self-developed and selected customer models.

Your qualifications must include:

  • Excellent written and spoken English;

  • Java programming expertise;

  • Sound software engineering practices;

  • Background in the formal basis of software and computing, including discrete mathematics and theory of computation;

  • Familiarity with translation / language development frameworks, such as Xtext or ANTLR;

Any of the following qualifications will be an asset on the position:

  • Familiarity with Eclipse plugin development ;

  • Experience developing and using metamodels in the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) (desirable);

  • Familiarity with systems and software modeling approaches:

    • SysML or UML experience, with a preference for SysML, and

    • Simulink familiarity;

  • Experience with practical applications of formal methods;

  • Research experience.

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