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Programmatic Success Specialist - Retargeting (m/f/d)

Permanent contract
Berlin / Bangalore / Remote
3+ years experience

Note - We would only focus on candidates having mobile in-app retargeting experiences.


About Kayzen

Kayzen is the future of mobile marketing — building software that allows mobile app developers to connect with their users. 

We are a B2B SaaS platform that allows companies to run mobile programmatic marketing in-house.

Programmatic marketing, put simply, is the process of automating the buying and selling of digital ads in real-time. Programmatic in-housing takes this one step further by allowing advertisers to fully own the technology stack and skills required in this process.

Programmatic in-housing is still in its early days of adoption in the mobile advertising market. This is where we have an impact!


The Team

You will work with a carefully selected, diverse and globally distributed team from customer success, engineering, data science, design, product and more. We are highly motivated and aligned in our quest to disrupt the multi-billion dollar ad-tech industry.

We would like you to be part of our journey, as our Programmatic Success Specialist - Retargeting (m/f/d).


  • Skills and experience Retargeting campaigns (via mobile in-app campaigns)

As our team is now ramping up our strength and expertise in Retargeting mobile in-app campaigns, we would only focus on candidates have such experiences.


  • Act as a consultant in the onboarding phase, suggesting strategies and supporting clients in their setup phase
  • Co-manage campaigns at all stages from setup to optimizing campaigns for performance and scale (e.g., campaign structure, bidding strategy)
  • Report on campaigns’ performance and suggest to clients how to improve their strategy;
  • Be able to dig into log-level data to understand campaign performance, and draw conclusions from the data;
  • Be able to troubleshoot and report on issues to the tech and product team.
  • Manage a portfolio of high-profile clients, defining their strategies, and leveraging internal resources (data analyst, creative analyst) to deliver on their goals, data analysis to a certain degree;
  • Collaborating with the product team on product improvements;
  • Ongoing customer communication and relationship-building efforts;
  • Working on processes to create repeatable and scalable success (e.g. with best practices, client-facing guides, etc.).

Key Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 3+ years of working experience in a similar and relevant role in ad tech. Proven strong skills in process-related and structured thinking, planning, coordination, and conception.
  • Understanding of mobile programmatic ecosystem (formats, targeting options, attribution, key metrics, etc.).
  • Strong interest in online and performance marketing.
  • Proactive attitude and quick thinking, meaning you keep on top of things in a fast-paced environment with attention to detail.
  • Ability to work well on your own, as well as in a team setting - you’re highly flexible and highly comfortable with change.
  • Strong analytical thinking skills and data-driven mindset.
  • A willingness to dive deep, experiment rapidly and get things done.
  • High levels of creativity and quick problem-solving capabilities, a self-starter with a goal-driven focus.
  • High attention to detail and diligent working style
  • Start-up and entrepreneurship mindset.

What do we offer?

  • Exceptional career growth and learning opportunity
  • A unique opportunity to be part of an experienced team of industry experts and entrepreneurs who bring massive change to the Adtech market
  • A high degree of responsibility and independence
  • Direct, day-to-day work experience with the management
  • A fun, driven, and multinational team located across Germany, India, Argentina, Ukraine, Turkey, the UK and soon more countries
  • A flexible work-from-home arrangement
  • A 500-dollar home-office setup budget
  • A 1000-dollar annual learning and development budget
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