Machine Learning Engineer

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
+3 years of relevant experience


We will be welcoming you in our office in Edinburgh, at the Bayes Centre. You’ll be working side-by-side with experienced Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence engineers. We want you because of your passion and reasoning and we expect you to become one of the leaders in our Reinforcement Learning efforts. You must demonstrate some experience in implementing successful Deep Reinforcement Learning projects and have in-depth knowledge of the latest in the field. Together with our Virtual Reality engineers you will design and implement a data generation pipeline, used to train Computer Vision algorithms.



Here at Neurolabs, we want to help bridge the gap between academia and real world applications. We build object recognition algorithms trained on high-quality synthetic data generated at scale in Virtual Environments using unique proprietary techniques. With the help of synthetic data, we push the accuracy of object recognition beyond-human levels, all in a timely, affordable and fully automated manner. We split our time between Edinburgh and Cluj, but for this specific role we will welcome you in our office in Cluj-Napoca. We split our time between Edinburgh and Cluj, but for this specific role we will welcome you in our office in Edinburgh.



You will be a part of a fast growing startup, ready to take on a new challenge every day. You will bring valuable contributions to the team and you will be counted upon for some of the core work that we do. We want you to become our main person responsible for Reinforcement Learning workflows, a key ingredient in our business model. We value your input and your work will see production daylight. We trust you as an adult and you will be expected to use your better judgement to budget your time and efforts.



  • An experienced professional, with at least one successful Reinforcement Learning project deployed in the real world.

  • Strong programmer in Python and familiar with Cloud technologies. 

  • It’s a big plus if you’re passionate about Computer Vision.

  • A team player. You understand that problem solving is a team effort and will help others learn and develop.



  • A team of engineers and scientists, who strive to make a real impact with their work.

  • Fans of rapid iteration.

  • Passionate about science.

  • A family. We believe in each other and we treat everyone as equal.



  • Competitive startup salary, equity and rosy expectations ahead.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Unlimited holiday policy (minimum of 28 days per year).

  • Great office space in the Bayes Centre.

  • Hands-on project that will make an impact.

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