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Head of Learning Lab

Orange Business Services Maroc

Team description/positioning

Within the Orange Group, Orange Business Services is the entity dedicated to the Enterprise market worldwide.

Both a network operator and a digital services integrator, Orange Business Services deploys its expertise in the fields of Cloud, Data and AI, IoT, application development and cyber security. It supports and protects companies at each stage of the development of their data: collection, transport, storage and processing, analysis and sharing.

The Human Resources Department plays a key role on acquiring and developing the strategic skills that are essential in our highly competitive markets. Within this department, the multicultural People Development and Learning team designs, deploys, manages, and coordinates learning actions for the benefit of our employees and business all over the world.

The People Development and Learning team positions learning as a building block for the continuous evolution of our company.  It aims to support our employees in their development ambitions and provide them with innovative and best in class learning solutions adapted to their personal learning preferences.

Learning plays a key role in “Invest in our people”, part of our Engage 2025 strategy, the employee experience we wish to offer and the ambition to build a model of digital and human employer.

Job Description


Within the context of People Development and Learning, the Head of Learning Lab will manage the Learning Lab team aiming to bring in innovative best in class learning solutions (environments) that will bring business value as perceived by our customers   ​

  • Lead state-of-the-art Orange Business Services (OBS) learning content creation (ensuring there is no replication), design, and maintenance to optimize learner engagement for all OBS learning solutions and supporting and enabling the delivery of strategic Learning Plans.
  • Create a global digital tools automation strategy to enable an optimal learner experience (simplified) and support our team ​while supporting our OBS Learning Strategy
  • Ensure Orange Learning, the OBS Learning Management System, manages the learning process to deliver business value, offer a positive learner experience and provide accurate learning information


Main activities

  • Manage the design pipeline to support the OBS Learning Strategy, including:
    • Checking existing Orange and OBS learning ecosystem catalog to avoid replication of efforts
    • Prioritize results of the “Go/No Go pipeline meeting” to ensure learning solutions are developed in support of the OBS Learning strategy while ensuring team efficiency (*)

Manage the team workload and design pipeline execution to guarantee timely delivery of learning solutions aiming to optimize the learners’ experience

    • Ensure quality control: requirements are delivered based on customers’ expectations and at the right level of quality (without errors, spelling, etc)
    • Ensure the team provides required support for learning operations delivery (TTT, supporting documentation, delivery environment requirements, etc) and trainer/facilitator* (*PDL, SME, Vendor) capability certification status​
    • Ensures master trainers have the skills to deliver on specific learning solutions in line with the business and PDL strategy
  • Safeguard the overall strategic approach of Orange Learning to meet OBS requirements and deliver a positive learning experience
    • Work with the Orange Group to ensure the OBS Requirements are taken into account for strategic decisions on the evolution of the LMS.
  • Gather technical specifications to support OBS learning strategy ​and ensure the team executes them on a timely manner
  • Define and manage the Digital learning tools roadmap (in coordination with other PD&L teams)
    • Main interface with IT to ensure our tools are IT supported and integrated into the OBS environment and aligned to support the OBS Learning Strategy (*)
  • Define the Orange and OBS Learning Ecosystem/landscape and maintain our team up to date on the OBS learning ecosystem ​
    • Understands the Groups’ and OBS learning offering to avoid replication of efforts
      • Acts as the bridge for Orange Group corporate learning programs creation and capitalization
    • Debriefs the PD&L team on new learning offers that can be included in the OBS Learning Journey or rolled out as part of the regional plan
  • Maintain a permanent external market watch: ​assess, qualify, and integrate innovative practices to inspire our thinking and approach towards OBS learning and development ​
    • Look at evolving best practices in the external market and keep a permanent focus on the Learners Experience feedback (and the Orange schools) to improve our learning strategy and solutions design (ensure benchmark data is integrated in our strategy)​
  • Manage external vendors' relationships aiming to design and develop top in class learning solutions ​(*)
    • Orchestrate global vendor management (within team scope) to ensure resources optimization and quality control ​
  • Provide ongoing consultative support for the PD&L products lifecycle (incorporates continuous updates) to ensure we find the best learning solutions that meet our customers’ needs ​
  • Ensure a close collaboration with the other PD&L teams, OBS Schools, Divisions and Orange Group teams


You are a key player to ensure the success of the OBS Learning Journey and the learning solutions offered within the program.

As an active member of PD&L you may be required to: ​

  • Facilitate or deliver a learning session, workshop, or webinar
  • Manage the implementation of a transversal OBS or Group learning project or program (or may be required to contribute or participate)


These activities are not exhaustive and may change depending on the priorities and continuous evolution of the Orange Group and Orange Business Services

Key Skills and Competencies

Key skills and knowledge

  • Agile Instructional design
  • Agility and Project Management practices (prioritization, planning, etc)
  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Vendor Management
  • Bi-lingual English/French speaker
  • Research skills and industry best practices
  • Stakeholder management
  • Good understanding of the learning ecosystem @Orange                      


People Skills

  • People/Team management (including skills’ development to meet the market standards aiming to constantly improve innovative, digital and learning skills)
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Creative and future thinking
  • Communication and motivation

Required profile

Senior candidate in Learning and Development with experience in learning design profession. Will need to have the ability to understand the challenges of our profession and the skills to motivate the team, manage customers’ expectations and manage team workload.  

He/she need to demonstrate a real appetite for educational innovation.

Working language(s): English and French


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