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Our people are the beating heart of Miraclon and the way we bring KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions to life. It’s the people behind our technology, our products, our services and our relationships that make us who we are. At Miraclon, you are key to our continued success and we are committed to investing in you.

KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions. Brought to life by Miraclon.

Miraclon is the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions and the only Kodak presence in the flexo space. For the last decade our people have worked closely with our customers to transform the flexo industry with Kodak technology and produce better packaging for consumers. Our differentiated products have driven up quality, cost-efficiency and productivity, worldwide. Our customers have a reputation for taking flexo further. We’re proud to be a force for change in the package printing industry.

Formerly part of Kodak, from Spring 2019 we have a new home at Miraclon. Same products, same innovation, same people, same drive. Same trusted brand at a new standalone company with added flexibility, focus and ambition.

A global business. A global operation.

Package printing is a global business. And Miraclon is a global operation. With revenues in excess of 100 million euros and a track record of year over year growth, we operate with sales and service in every region of the world.

Our team is the best in the business. We are more than 300 people focused entirely on our core business, and based at offices all over the world, from Brussels, Belgium and Rochester, US to Yamanashi, Japan, Guadalajara, Mexico and Singapore. Our leadership team is spread worldwide too, ensuring we’re on the ground and close to our customers, so we fully understand the markets they’re operating in.

Learn more about us at www.miraclon.com. Follow us on twitter @kodakflexcel and connect with us on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/miraclon-corporation/.

Join us on our exciting journey of growth and transformation. We are currently looking for team members with an entrepreneurial spirit to join us at our European HQ in Zaventem near Brussels.  

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