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Software Engineer - Support for differential coverage analysis in GNATcoverage

Paris or Grenoble, France
Bac +4/5

Everything we do at AdaCore is centered around helping developers build the safest, most secure open-source software. 

For over 25 years, we've worked with global leaders across avionics, aerospace and defense industries, building tools and providing services that ease the complex and difficult process of developing high-integrity software. As the need for truly secure and reliable applications expands into industries such as automotive, medical, energy, and IOT, we’re advancing our time-tested technologies to bring expertise and services to help a whole new generation of developers.

Our 150 experts worldwide in the US (New York), France (Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble and Vannes), the UK, Estonia and Germany all play a role in developing bleeding edge technologies to meet the highest grade of software development.

Joining AdaCore is about joining a culture of innovation, openness, collaboration and dependability, which defines how we work together, with our customers and partners.

Context and goals:

GNATcoverage is the code coverage analysis tool developed by AdaCore since 2008. The tool’s core purpose is to help developers identify and understand how much of a given code base has been exercised by a testing campaign, a common kind of code quality metric. Intended for use in safety critical software development cycles, the tool supports a variety of coverage criteria and has lots of features described in the user’s manual at

The purpose of this internship is to design and implement support in GNATcoverage for a feature allowing analysis of the differences between two coverage reports, showing what is now covered that wasn’t covered in a baseline or vice-versa.  This would be a very useful extension to assess the impact of changes in the code base under test or in the test base.

The intern would get to:

  • Become familiar with code coverage analysis in general and with GNATcoverage in particular;

  • Devise a model of the kind of differences we believe would be of relevance;

  • Design and implement a tool extension to compute those differences and present them to the user.

Skills required or Nice to have:

  • Will and ability to work in cooperation with a team;

  • Strong software engineering skills (analysis, design, programming);

  • Comfortable with Linux environments;

  • Familiarity with Ada is a plus


During 2023 - 6 months

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