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Management System for a customer contracts review process

Paris, France
Bac +4/5

Everything we do at AdaCore is centered around helping developers build the safest, most secure open-source software. 

For over 25 years, we've worked with global leaders across avionics, aerospace and defense industries, building tools and providing services that ease the complex and difficult process of developing high-integrity software. As the need for truly secure and reliable applications expands into industries such as automotive, medical, energy, and IOT, we’re advancing our time-tested technologies to bring expertise and services to help a whole new generation of developers.

Our 150 experts worldwide in the US (New York), France (Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble and Vannes), the UK, Estonia and Germany all play a role in developing bleeding edge technologies to meet the highest grade of software development.

Joining AdaCore is about joining a culture of innovation, openness, collaboration and dependability, which defines how we work together, with our customers and partners.


AdaCore is the reference vendor of software development tools for the safety-critical market, with an impressive customer portfolio in the aerospace and defense, transportation and automotive industries. Dealing solely with business customers, AdaCore needs to deal with different compliance areas, such as contractual, IPR, cybersecurity and privacy, to meet the various requirements of its demanding customers. 

For the legal team, it means that all incoming contracts have to be reviewed against a set of compliance guidelines. This process is time-consuming and tedious, and AdaCore is in the process of improving its tooling to streamline it, leveraging its CRM platform (SalesForce) and its contract management platform (Agiloft). The purpose of this internship is first to propose ways to optimize this process, and second to put in place a management system on top of it. 


  • Get a first understanding of the different products sold by AdaCore, the applicable terms and conditions, the sales process and the handling of customer contracts by the legal team. 

  • Get experience with AdaCore’s sales process by driving some customer contracts through the review cycle, interacting with all stakeholders (sales administration, account managers, customers, specific legal experts). 

  • Document the parts of the process which are currently not documented or incorrectly documented.

  • Document a management system for the legal review of customer contracts, describing the process in place, and how this process is audited and maintained over time. 

  • Draft a first audit plan and conduct an audit to bootstrap the management system.

  • Throughout the internship, propose improvements to the process and tooling to streamline the process. 

Skills required or Nice to have:

  • Strong foundations in the following legal areas: French contract law, EU privacy law (GDPR), IPR law (French droit d’auteur, US copyright)

  • Practical experience with office automation (MS Office or Google Drive) and web tools 

  • Good written and verbal English

  • Interest in enterprise tooling (CRM, CLM) and quality assurance (ISO 9001)

  • Curiosity and interest for aerospace and defense

  • Will and ability to work autonomously


During 2023 - 6 months

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