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Software Engineer - Improve user experience in GNATprove flow analysis output

Toulouse, France
Bac +4/5

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SPARK is a subset of the Ada programming language, together with formal verification tools which allow giving mathematical guarantees about SPARK programs, from correct data flows to absence of runtime errors to correct implementation of functional requirements. SPARK is open source and freely available to the Community on Alire, a package manager for Ada, as well as professionally supported by AdaCore, which co-develops SPARK with Inria.


When running GNATprove, the formal verification tool for SPARK, the user code is analysed for data flow errors and then proved for correctness. The goal of this internship is to improve the user experience with the results of flow analysis, as proving the code requires frequent interactions with the user, which depends on the tool issuing rich and precise messages.

The following working report group (, suggests guidelines to follow when trying to improve the error reporting on a compiler. Those can be adapted to match the needs for flow analysis reporting.

As a first step, the existing flow analysis output could be refined by grouping messages together, adding diagnoses and explanations, such as the work done for rustc (see The student will also work on the addition of extra information on messages to better integrate the tool in IDEs. 

This can include the implementation of code fixes, available with a simple click, as well as the addition of explanations in comments to help the user understand the checks.

Additionally, some work has already been done in the proof part of the tool to guide the user into proving their code (see Other heuristics for the proof or flow analysis tools could be implemented as part of this internship.

Skills required:

- good understanding of program semantics

- good programming skills

- interest in user experience

- knowledge of graph theory (optional)


During 2023 - 6 months

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