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Last modified 11/6/2019 8:30:34 AM

DevOps Engineer

Permanent Contract
SameSystem A/S
Vilnius, Lithuania

Are you our new DevOps Engineer?

Job description

We are looking for an individual who is interested in problem-solving, keen on helping developers, root cause analysis and is passionate about engineering.



  • Resolving obstacles in testing, deployment and scaling;
  • Responsible for new and old Kubernetes deployments with Helm;
  • Dockerizing Ruby applications;
  • Making applications highly available;
  • Puppet automation: writing modules, improving and maintaining Puppet architecture with high availability, r10k, MCollective, in house built ENC;
  • Maintaining Jenkins with 200 nodes and 130 jobs;
  • Automating operations with Bash and Python;
  • MySQL tweaking, replication, monitoring, backups;
  • Monitoring with TICK, Zabbix, Munin.


  • Willingness to learn and to help others;
  • Kubernetes, Docker and libvirt/KVM experience;
  • Experience with the following is a plus: Golang, Python, Bash, Ruby, Groovy;
  • Deep understanding of MySQL, MongoDB, xtrabackup;
  • Jenkins Pipeline and Job DSL knowledge;
  • Experience of building highly available apps;
  • Knowledge of haproxy, nginx, ELK, squid-deb-proxy, BIND, postfix, AWS and Cloudflare (with Terraform), Capistrano, Keepalived, GlusterFS;
  • Makefile writing and Debian packaging skills;

We offer

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Remote work possibility;
  • Office in Park Town Business Centre (Lvovo g. 105A, 3rd floor
  • Business trips to Denmark;
  • Monthly allocation that can be spend on everything that will improve your work day;
  • Conferences in EU - great way to learn something, even better way to have a good time with a team;
  • Car and bike parking, shower;
  • Fresh coffee, snacks, lunch and drinks;
  • The office gives you plenty of ways to unplug and catch a breath. If are you stuck on a particular difficult case, maybe a game of table tennis is what you need?
  • Salary according to your qualifications.
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